this page is just me experimenting with what i'm learning about making a website. and also just some thoughts i have while making this page all together

this is how i do paragraphs

i think this makes titles?

oh cool it does! i wonder what this does

that's neat






i wonder how i could do that and have them different sizes but not spaced out (6/2/21)

future frog if you have an answer on how to do that put it here: okay you use <br> see
like this (6/3/2021)

I am about to make an unordered list!

Oh NO i have deleted half of my page oops I guess i will just have to re-do it

okay u do this < by like (& l t ;) and you do > with (& g t ;) and you do an ampersand by doing & (& a m p ;) okay cool

this is how you do lines or "horizontal rules"

(also btw this isn't like me trying to make instructions just making notes for myself and testing out what i learn)

  1. here
  2. is
  3. ordered
  4. list

okay goodnight it is june 3rd i am goin to work on css tomorrow hopefully

okay it is june 4th 2021 let's get this css!!

okay it is june 11th 2021 and here is how you do this thing i think test? ok it worked!

hopefully i will be able to change the color of this or something

will this show up red? only time will tell

umm im gonna try to change the height and width of this image of an African Bull Frog (june 17th, 2021)


very nice, let's make it smaller


i did it B) also i think i am going to take all of my new html photo changin skills on it when i learn them

oh boy i haven't worked on this for a while 0-0, sorry webbedsite. im here now i guess! (9/3/2021)


tall frog

long frog


slideeee to the right