Hello Internet!

small pixelated frog floating

Welcome to Frog's Webbed site!(get it :-))I have decided to finally start making my neocities website! For a while I am expecting this site to be pretty bad,but you gotta start somewhere! I have made a website before but it was very simple and I've forgotten most of what I know about html since then. I've been really interested in the early internet for a little while and I spend alot of time on the geocities gallery (wow i made a link!)

thanks for checking out my site!

I hope this other page counts as part of this one but if it doesn't oh well but here's this experiments page (it's really messy)

I'm a Leopard Frog!
Leopard Frogs can be found in all kinds of sites, from dirty cloudy marshlands to freshwater lakes. They come mostly from Southern Canada and the northern half of the Unites States. Mostly nocturnal creatures, these guys tend to take cover in the water when startled. They feed on various small invertebrates, including crickets, spiders, and flies.

What kind of Frog are you?